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Fintech Explained provides a rigorous, accessible introduction to the landscape of fintech. Michael R. King explains the customer focus, innovation strategy, business model, and valuation of leading fintechs in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi), crowdfunding and online lending, robo-advice and digital wealth management, payments and insurtech, digital banking, and bigtech



A thrilling exploration of how fintech is revolutionizing the financial services industry, with a unique focus on entrepreneurship and disruption. Any student or professional looking for a comprehensive grounding in fintech business strategy and applications should start here

Darrell Duffie
Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

About This Book

Download Sample Chapters & PowerPoints

Full text of Preface and Chapter 1 Foundations of Fintech

Fintechs are leveraging technology to solve customer pain points and provide financial products and services that are cheaper, easier to use, faster, and more convenient than traditional methods.

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Structure of Book

Fintech Explained has two sections. Section 1: The Fintech Toolbox describes the foundations, economic theories, business models, funding, and valuation of fintech companies. Section 2: Fintech Products and Services explores the main lines of business and players in fintech.


Powerpoints for Chapter 1 Foundations of Fintech

This chapter defines fintech, describes its growth and evolution, outlines the traditional and transformational paradigms, provides a lens for evaluating successful fintechs, and presents other building blocks that make up the foundational knowledge in this field.


Powerpoints for Chapter 5 Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies

Dive into the world of digital tokens and cryptoeconomics. Ownership of digital money is recorded on an electronic ledger called a blockchain that is secured using cryptography. Distributed ledger technology is driving innovations in how companies are organized, contracts are set up, and incentives are established


About The Author

Michael R. King

Professor Michael R. King is the Lansdowne Chair in Finance at University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business.


Prior to joining UVic, he held the Tangerine Chair in Finance at Western University’s Ivey Business School (2011-2019), where he co-founded Canada’s first FinTech research centre, the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab.


His research and case writing focuses on fintech, banking, international financial markets, corporate finance, and climate finance.

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Fintech Explained – Quick Pitch


Combining clear descriptions and case studies with the latest findings from academic research, Fintech Explained provides a complete course for educating undergraduate and graduate students, executives, and interested professionals.

Companies Analyzed in Fintech Explained

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