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Michael R. King

Michael  is Associate Professor and Lansdowne Chair in Finance at University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business. Prior to joining UVic, he held the Tangerine Chair in Finance at Western University’s Ivey Business School (2011-2019), where he co-founded Canada’s first FinTech research centre, the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab. Before joining academia, he worked in investment banking in Zurich, New York and London from 1990-1998 (Credit Suisse, RBC Dominion Securities) and central banking in Ottawa and Basel from 2001-2011 (Bank of Canada, Bank for International Settlements). Michael has an MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and holds the CFA designation. His research and case writing focuses on climate finance, FinTech, banking, international financial markets, and corporate finance.

King Michael 2019 outdoors


BCom, Queen's University; MSc, London School of Economics; PhD, London School of Economics


Area of expertise

Banking and capital markets, FinTech, international financial markets, corporate finance, climate finance

Selected publications


King, M. R. (2023) Fintech Explained: How Technology is Transforming Financial Services, Rotman-UTP Publishing. 

King, M. R. & Nesbitt, R. W.  (eds.) (2020) The Technological Revolution in Financial Services: How Banks and Fintech Customers Win Together, Rotman-UTP Publishing.

Journal publications

Dunbar, C. & King, M.R. (2023) Syndicate Structure and IPO Outcomes:  The Impact of Underwriter Roles and Syndicate Concentration, Journal of Corporate Finance 79: 102382.

King, M.R., Ongena, S., & Tarashev, N. (2020) Bank Standalone Credit Ratings. International Journal of Central Banking 16: 101-144.

King, M. R. (2019). Time to buy or just buying time? Lessons from October 2008 for the cross-border bailout of banks. Journal of Financial Stability, 41, 55 – 72.

King, M. R. (2015). Political bargaining and multinational bank bailouts. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(2), 206–222.

King, M. R., Osler, C. L., & Rime, D. (2013). The market microstructure approach to foreign exchange: Looking back and looking forward. Journal of International Money and Finance, 38, 95 – 119.

King, M. R. (2013). The Basel III Net Stable Funding Ratio and bank net interest margins. Journal of Banking & Finance, 37(11), 4144 – 4156.

King, M. R., Sarno, L., & Sojli, E. (2010). Timing exchange rates using order flow: The case of the Loonie. Journal of Banking & Finance, 34(12), 2917 – 2928.

King, M. R. (2009). Prebid Run-Ups Ahead of Canadian Takeovers: How Big Is the Problem? Financial Management, 38(4), 699–726.

King, M. R., & Maier, P. (2009). Hedge funds and financial stability: Regulating prime brokers will mitigate systemic risks. Journal of Financial Stability, 5(3), 283 – 297.

King, M. R., & Santor, E. (2008). Family values: Ownership structure, performance and capital structure of Canadian firms. Journal of Banking & Finance, 32(11), 2423 – 2432.

King, M. R., & Segal, D. (2008). Market segmentation and equity valuation: Comparing Canada and the United States. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 18(3), 245 – 258.

King, M. R., & Segal, D. (2008). The Long-Term Effects of Cross-Listing, Investor Recognition, and Ownership Structure on Valuation. The Review of Financial Studies, 22(6), 2393–2421.

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